0800 changes that came into force in July 2015.

From 01 July 2015 calls to 0800 numbers are free to make from UK Mobiles. In order to introduce this Ofcom regulated change, the owner of the 0800 number has to pay a higher charge for the incoming call if it was made from a mobile instead of a landline. For further details feel free to click on the following link: www.ukcalling.info

Anyone that owns a 0800 number and wants to discuss the effects that these changes have had can call us for a review of all of the additional costs versus benefits and for some alternative solutions.

There were also big changes from that date to how 084 (0844, 0845 etc.) numbers are charged and how they need to be advertised which might also need to be considered.

We can also provide Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendant, Multi Divert plus simple or complex Call Queuing options.  Our charges for receiving calls on most of the 0800, 0330 etc numbers  are up to 50% cheaper than what BT Retail currently charge.  All BT Retail 08xx and 03xx numbers can be ported to Gold Telecom’s service free of charge.

Get in touch today and we will explain what we can do for you.

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