Code of Practice for Sales & Marketing (“The Code”)

Gold Telecom’s Goals are 100% customer Satisfaction & Compliance with the Highest Standards of the Industry.

The objectives of this Code are:-

  • To ensure that Gold Telecom Limited (“Gold Telecom”) provides its residential and small business customers (“Customers”) with standards of protection over and above those provided by the law;
  • To ensure good practice and responsible selling in the marketing of Fixed-line Telecommunications Services, and to help Customers understand the Service and behaviour to be expected;

Reassurance for Customers

Gold Telecom is a provider registered with the Office of Communications (“OFCOM”).

Gold Telecom has an OFCOM-approved operational Code of Practice and Complaints Procedure.

Copies of Gold Telecom’s Codes of Practice (including this one)Complaints Procedure and Contractual Terms & Conditions, are all readily available at our offices, free of charge, and are openly published on our website www.goldtelecom.co.uk.

Gold Telecom promotes the highest possible ethical standards in relation to good practice and responsible selling in the sales and marketing of Fixed-line Telecommunications Services, Least Cost Routing and Line Rental services with particular emphasis on the avoidance of miss-selling and misrepresentation.

We confirm that procedures are in place to ensure that our Sales staff, agents and/or commercial partners are properly trained and monitored, on an on-going basis, to represent our products and services openly, honestly and fairly and to provide and explain all our services, sales order contracts and Terms & Conditions.

Cooling Off Period

Any customer may change their mind within 7 days of signing a Gold Telecom Fixed-line Services contract and cancel without incurring any penalty, for our Customer’s protection we require all such cancellations to be confirmed in writing.

Who Do I complain to about miss-selling or misleading advertising?

If you have concern about any issue arising before, during and at the point of sale, or regarding any of our marketing materials, in the first instance please contact:-

Ivan Andreev


Gold Telecom Ltd

Unit 1 St John’s Mews

13 St John’s Road,

Hampton Wick

Kingston upon Thames

Surrey KT1 4AN

Tel: 020 8614 4860

Fax: 020 8614 4861

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction we will advise you how to take your complaint to the next stage.

Status of Code

All Providers who engage in sales and marketing for Fixed-line Telecommunications Services are required by OFCOM to establish the Code of Practice in accordance with OFCOM guidelines and comply with the provisions of the Code.

Compliance with the Code does not guarantee compliance with any legal requirement.

Non-compliance with the Code does not affect the validity of any contract between Gold Telecom and the Customer, unless otherwise provided by law.

Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

Customer approaches may occur in a wide range of ways e.g. by TV, radio or press or internet advertising, promotions in shops, post, fax, electronic mail, telephone or in person.  Regardless of the way in which sales and marketing activities are conducted Gold Telecom will act responsibly and compliantly.

Our Customers’ legal rights and wishes will be respected where they have registered with any relevant preference service, including the Mailing Preference Service, the Telephone Preference Service, the Fax Preference Service and the E-mail Preference Service.

Our advertising and promotional materials comply with the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion and all other applicable advertising codes. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that our advertising and promotional literature is clear, unambiguous, accurate and fair, containing no false or misleading information about price, value or service and, in particular,does not denigrate other Providers.

Recruitment and Sales Training

Gold Telecom employs rigorous vetting for the selection of staff involved with direct contact with customers for the purposes of sales and marketing activity.

Gold Telecom is responsible for ensuring that sub-contractors (third party agencies) also set up similar selection procedures.  For the avoidance of doubt, third party agencies shall not include resellers to whom telephony services are sold on a wholesale basis.

Whilst operating within current employment legislation, the recruitment of our sales staff has regard to:

  • Behaviour and appearance, recognising that the sales person may be seen as the “public face” of Gold Telecom;
  • Security – references and relevant convictions for criminal offences to be checked and taken into account;
  • Evidence of miss-selling or lack of integrity or honesty in any previous selling role.

The following requirement related to sales staff based in the UK are observed:

  • The applicant must provide proof of National Insurance number, proof of address and two references;
  • Referees cannot be related to the applicant;
  • Business referees must not both be from the same company;
  • If a sales person leaves for any reason, a copy of his or her sales records (including recordings and notes on sales) will be retained for a minimum period of six months;

Gold Telecom is satisfied that we currently take all reasonable steps to ensure that our sales representatives are trained so as to have a sufficient understanding that any relevant advice given by such person is not misleading. But Gold Telecom has a policy of constant improvement and actively welcomes feedback from Customers on any issues including the sales process.

Customer Contact

In general, Gold Telecom Staff only visit consumers’ premises by prior appointment, and the sales person must immediately identify himself and our company clearly.

Gold Telecom uses discretion when visiting consumers’ homes or places of business. No face to face contact is allowed to be made outside the hours of 08.00 – 20.00 without prior appointment and no telephone calls can be made outside the hours of 08.00 to 21.00 unless at the customer’s request.

Our representatives are instructed to be courteous, informative and factual at all times, and to cease contact with any person who indicates that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome, inappropriate or too long.

Representatives are instructed not to abuse the trust of vulnerable Customers e.g. those who are elderly or whose first language is not English, or who have special needs. Gold Telecom policy in respect of these customers is that such customers should be treated with special care.

Categorically no sales or marketing activity is allowed that is directed to those who are under the legal age for entering into contracts.

Entering into a contract – information, order forms and contracts

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the person entering into a contract is authorised to enter into the contract for the Fixed-line Telecommunications Services/bills at the premises.

Our order forms and contract forms are designed in such a way that the contractual nature of our documents is clear to the Customer.

Where a direct approach to the Customer takes place, the Customer is to be given the information set out in this paragraph in a clear and comprehensible manner:

  • Essential information including the identity of the Company and full contact details;
  • A description of the telephone service sufficient to enable the customer to understand the option that the customer has chosen, and how it works;
  • Information about the major elements of the service including the cost of any standing charges, the payment terms, line rental, key call types and details of special arrangements;
  • The arrangements for provision of the service, including the order process and, as accurately as possible, the likely date of provision.  Where there may be significant delay in the likely date of provision, the Customer will be informed;
  • The existence of a right of cancellation and the process for exercising it;
  • The period for which the charges remain valid; and
  • The minimum period of the contract and minimum contract charges if any.

Our customers will be made aware of the existence of this Code, and our other Codes of Practice and Complaints Procedure and Terms & Conditions will be provided with copies, free of charge, on request.

At the customers’ request, full written information about tariffs will be made available.

If a Customer signs an order form or enters into a written contract, the Customer will be given a copy of the order form or contract and a copy of our full Terms & Conditions giving details of all conditions including termination.  Additionally, our Terms & Conditions are permanently published on the company’s website: www.goldtelecom.co.uk

Orders placed as a result of Distance Selling mean will comply with Distance Selling Regulations.

In the case of Internet orders, there is a well sign-posted hyperlink to this Code and our otherCodes of PracticeComplaint Procedure and Terms & Conditions in addition to our full contact details.


Gold Telecom has a policy of continuous improvement our contracts are reviewed regularly at re-print stage to ensure we are acting compliantly and any identified problems are dealt with.  We welcome any and all feed-back from our Customers in respect of our documentation, as well as all constructive suggestions relating to improving our Customer Care and/or procedures.

Customer Complaints Procedure

Gold Telecom has a Customer Complaints procedure approved by OFCOM; copies are available, free of charge - on request and can be viewed on our website www.goldtelecom.co.uk.

Creating Awareness of the Code of Practice for Sales and Marketing

This Code, together with our other Codes of Practice, Complaints Procedures and Terms & Conditions are available, free of charge - on request by contacting us at:


Gold Telecom Ltd

Unit 1 St John’s Mews

13 St John’s Road

Hampton Wick

Kingston upon Thames

Surrey KT1 4AN

Tel: 020 8614 4860

Fax: 020 8614 4861


The preceding documentation can also be viewed and/or downloaded at our websitewww.goldtelecom.co.uk

Gold Telecom aims to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction; if you have any comments about any of our sales methods, advertising or promotional materials – or any aspect of our service – please contact Ivan Andreev, Director, at the above address or by e-mail on:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for being our Customer.


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